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Why Does She Bite So Hard?

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Friday, August 22nd, 2008
1:57 pm
If You Want Me Too, I Could Hang Round With You.
If I Only Knew, That's What You're Into.

And If You Want Me To, I Will Take Off All My Clothes For You.
I'll Take Off All My Clothes For You, If That's What You're Into.

If It's Cool With You, I'll Let You Get Naked Too,
It Could Be A Dream Come True, Providing That's What You Are Into.

And Then Maybe Later, We'll Get Hot By The Refrigerator,
In The Kitchen Next To The Pantry, You Think That Might Be What You Fancy?

And Then On Our Next Date, You Could Bring Your Roommate,
I Don't Know If Stu Is Keen To But If You Want We Could Double Team You.

All The Things I'd Do, Things I'd Do For You,
If I Only Knew, That's What You're Into!

current mood: mischievous
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Friday, August 15th, 2008
2:38 pm
i've been emailing, messaging and calling a lot of people who used to play concert instruments and holy! so many people have dropped it! out of probably ten people i have found one who still plays flute and trumpet. needless to say i'm very excited that he accepted my offer to come record with me early this week, monday I think to be exact.
i mean, i dropped clairinet after a year, but i'm talking about people who i know received 5 or 6 years of free lessons just to graduate and never touch the thing again! so weird.

ive been working on a lot of accordion music the last couple days. someone asked me why i keep making it a background instrument when i'm so good at it, and it got me thinking that i really should be doing a lot more with it!

i noticed that people seem to look really happy when i ride by on my bike. i guess its because its a 60 year old bike thats bright blue, with a basket, and im riding it in a skirt with giant, thick framed glasses on that would make jerry seinfeld's father blush.

current mood: anxious
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
9:44 am
I'm at work right now, fixin' Nintendos. A small boy just hung up on me while I called the head office in Redmond to ask what I should do if his router won't accept his Mac address for his Wii.
Now a child just ran away from the phone to ask his mom what his address is.. for the third time. He keeps coming back and still doesn't know what it is. Why do parents let their kids use the phone?

Now I can hear my co-workers literally arguing over what the best comic book movie is. I started a huge argument the other day because I didn't think the Dark Knight deserved as much hype as its been getting.

Hopefully I make some real money soon... Like by selling a painting or getting more commissions, for real money. I'm accepting a NES as half of the payment for the current commission I'm working on! Thats awesome though. I'm excited to play Ninja Turtles.

Here is a list of things I need to buy:

-a harmonium
-toy accordion
-random percussion instruments (hand drums, shakers, one of those wooden fish you rub a stick on)
-electric organ (people are selling them for like $50 on usedwinnipeg.com! if i had a car i would be all over that)
-new clothes (black leggings, a new pair of jeans, maybe some new dresses from thrift stores)
-lenses for my fucking glasses! actually, you know what, I'm going to look up optometrists and make an appointment right now. there, done.
-a camcorder. i want to start filming things, what, i'm not sure.. i've always had a curiosity in making simple films and editing them. now that i'm recording my own music maybe i could incorporate the two?
-a schoenhut toy grand piano

I hate being stuck at work when I'm inspired, I'm really in the mood to make elaborte accordion music, damn it!

current mood: working
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008
6:09 pm - updates
i haven't written in a long time, so i will just update since last time.
i've started a new job with Nintendo, as tech support. its pretty sweet. i wish i got paid more though, i make less then i did at my old job. but the work is easy and more interesting, and theres still a good crowd of people working there.

i had my summer romance, it lasted about two months, at least i think its over. i don't know, i'm trying to not think about it.

i realised that i really only have one year left to really get off my ass and feel like an accomplished artist, otherwise i'm just another kid working an office job that has a meaningless art degree. I've been doing a lot of projects. really shoving my work in peoples faces. infact i've been doing a lot of street art lately, its hard to NOT notice me. I have made some goals for myself; I will start up a REAL website, a nice one. I will have an online store. I will be publishing a book. Once I do these things I will be ready to start my apprentiship, I'm giving myself two years. So thats one more year of school, and if I get over burdened with school projects and loose track of personal ones thats another year to pick up the pieces.

I've been recording lots of music as well, we have a goal to be playing shows by christmas time. Here is our myspace:


current mood: calm
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Thursday, May 1st, 2008
10:45 pm - My new glasses...

fucking rule.

time to go dancing.

current mood: cheerful
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Friday, April 25th, 2008
1:24 pm
I wish everyday was thursday. Even if i'm hung over a thursday night always leaves me with good thoughts. I'm starting to feel like I've finally found a crowd of people that I really fit in with, hopefully this isn't all just another fad.

The last two weeks have been completely random, im starting to hate how random my life is.

+ i met a new boy, had some hang outs and smooches and stuff, left me feeling pretty swell.
+ jodi is here, we jammed, it was awesome. i can't wait to do it again, that and our photoshoots will be sweet.
+ josh is back as well. i love that guy, its all laughs with him, i love it.
+ had my finals, no more school for a month and a half.
+ ordered a really sweet hannibal lecter shirt, i'm really pumped for that.

- the boy is moving back home for the summer, i have no idea where its going, kind of feels like the same old same old. feels pretty shitty now, really.
- no idea where i will be working on monday, or if i will be working at all for that matter. i fully intended to have work by this date, and was promised that i would. now i'm waiting on two different calls from two different employers, i'm not highly impressed with either of them at this point.
- i hate being broke.
- oh, and it snowed again. wtf? it was summer for like a week and then we had a fucking blizzard.


a nice picture of myself, ryse and dayna from last night. i love these girls.
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Saturday, April 19th, 2008
11:15 pm - My Current Home
I can't remember who posted pictures of their workspace in the past and got others doing it, but I remember I really enjoyed looking at it and intended doing it myself. What better time to do it when I should be studying for my upcoming history exam, right?

Well, this is my first appartment that I've lived on completely on my own. Its been quite an experience. I'm going to miss it when this episode is over, which its probably going to be sooner then I think, I really can't afford it anyway. But its a nice little hole in the wall, the basement of a character building downtown, on Broadway.

This is my workspace, complete with a current painting I'm working on and an aerobics ball that just doesn't fit anywhere else. I left my nice art lamps in the old appartment when I left donny, so now I just use regular lamps that I scrounged from god knows where. The tool box is curteousy of Shanker, a nice boy I used to work with who is going to school to become a shops teacher.

My two most prized possessions, not to mention the most expensive things I own. The Gibson was passed down from my father when I graduated highschool, worth about $6000 last I checked. The Titano is from my Mother who used to play under my Grandfather, I believe I saw it going for $3000 on ebay. Both get used quite regularly and I love them deeply.

My synth. No idea where this came from, or how much its worth, or how old it is... it doesn't matter because its friggin awesome.

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Volia, now you all can see what a slob I am.

current mood: lethargic
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Saturday, April 12th, 2008
12:11 am
Dear Diary, today was eventful and random.

I put in my notice at work, and I was told to not bother coming in for the next two weeks, and was told that I will still get paid for that time. A few co-workers seemed skeptical that this will work out, but I have it in writing, so I guess it will have to.
Bosses glared at me as I left, and coworkers patted me on the back, and we said our goodbyes. Ryan G. gave me a few strawberry cigarellos as a farewell gift, and I walked home, with this weird, eerie feeling creeping up on me as if I had just made a horrible mistake.
So I get in the door of my appartment, have a random anxiety attack, chain smoking those strawberry cigarellos as I went (I still have the taste in my mouth), wondering if I was going to feel this way until something good happened again... only to have my kitty, Dahmer, crawl into my lap, lay on her back and look at me with her big, yellow eyes.
she's just so adorable i had to take a picture, needless to say I instantly felt better.
i then started making dinner... took a swig of milk from the fridge just to realise it was sour.. cooked some chicken just to take a bite and realise it had gone bad. so then I ended up having the last box of mac and cheese insted.
i started a new painting, of Mary holding Jesus, with fancy script that says "Return to Sender." sounds weird, I know, but it looks pretty cool, I promise.
the mail came; delivering to me my new 1 inch tapers with some 3/4 tunnels. I promptly shoved the tapers in my ears, i'm so excited to upsize. My accordion sheet music also finally turned up, I must have practised for a good 3 or 4 hours tonight.

i've recently noticed how rediculously attractive i find boys in giant, black framed glasses and vintage polo shirts. 50's nerds, thats a hot ticket.
tomorrow i am jamming with Jodi. accordion and violin; be prepared!! i'll probably bring over some train wine for good measure.
art show on sunday, Ryan S. is coming with me, I am so excited.


Kara Von Cannibal

current mood: accomplished
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Monday, April 7th, 2008
12:44 pm
dear diary,

life.. is life. i'm taking in the good and the bad, its pretty balanced. i'm back to living day by day, not knowing where my money is going to come from which is an incredibly annoying way to live. i may get laid off by the end of this week, i may get fired, or i may be forced to work a really shitty shift for two weeks until my new job starts (which I'm kind of nervous about, i hate not having all the details).
i was really excited about living with ryan but the weeks are zipping by and its starting to look unlikely.. which leaves me a bit lost; my appartment is way too expensive to keep up. i guess i'm moving back into a closet again, i really hate that idea, but what else can i do?
it also feels like most of my friends have just turned into aquaintances.. i'm a weird kid, for sure, i expect people to get confused by me... but I guess now that i'm on my own i'm really letting it come out, and some good friends now seem to come around less often, and i'm wondering if thats why. i'm not sacrificing small animals or anything.. but i'm getting really into my art and music and i think i'm intimdating people or something. i don't know, maybe i'm just conceited.

speaking of music, i've been playing a lot. lots of guitar, lots of accordion, lots of synth. man i can't wait till i get my tax return and by a usb mic, just you wait and see! another thing i want to pick up again is piano, i should NOT be letting that diminish. couple weeks of practising and it should be back up to par though.
i've also started saving up and officially planning for my DREAM TRIP. so far the plan is as follows; two weeks in Austrailia (probably Melborne), then I'm going to fly over to the UK and back pack all over that bitch. I would also like to go to Paris and Ireland if I can fit it in, I will be in the UK for at least a month. Of course, if life permitts, I would love to make this trip way longer. *sigh* i can't wait. only a year and a few months to go.

Anyways, enough rambling for now.

current mood: anxious
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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
11:01 pm - My Main Squeeze.

current mood: morose
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Monday, March 17th, 2008
9:26 am - I Keep Sticking My Heart Where It Doesn't Belong
I'm pretty blue. I wrote a few months ago about a boy (who was also a good friend) I liked but felt he was being really distant.. well it continued to progress. We got more involved, I got more attached, he continued to be randomly distant and things also got more screwed up.
As much as I hate being confrontational and putting people in awkward situations (especially when I'm so eager to please them) I guess I got inpatient and needed to know what was going on... obivously I didn't get the answers I wanted, otherwise I wouldn't be blue. It just leaves me so bitter, to think that even a friend would continue you lead you on like that. Theres really no hope then, how can I possibly meet a stranger and be able to trust them not to do the same? I kept making up excuses for him, and gave him the benefit that something deeper was probably going on, but no; he was just a jerk.
Well, I don't want to be rude about it, I hope we can still be friends, just very very disappointed.

My hands feel really weird today. All this work I've been doing has really been affecting them. Basically, it starts with working on a computer for 8 hours every second day, and also taking a few graphic design classes this year has left my index and middle finger on my right hand with no feeling in my knuckles. I guess from using the mouse so much. It's not a very nice feeling, makes my skin crawl whenever I type with them or click the mouse, but I can't NOT do it.
then a couple days ago I sliced open my hand while mounting some paintings.. then yesterday did about 5 or 6 hours of ceramics work, so of course it got all swollen and sore. and theeeen i played guitar for like 3 hours so yes. its swollen, sore, AND callused. mmm.

Go Johnny Go.
Thursday, March 13th, 2008
3:42 pm
i want to fast forward life like two months.

i can't wait for this week to be over, i need to get back to the gym. i haven't been in just over a week now.. i feel so gross. I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK. school has just way too hectic, perhaps i just need to giv'r for one more weekend and i'll be ok.. i'd really rather go out and have some fun though... ok i'll giv'r until saturday afternoon, THEN i'll have fun. well, i'll have some fun if i can find it.

almost finished a huge fucking project of flash sheets, they will be hung in Degrees Saturday morning. at least THATS something that will be over and done with. it would be nice if i got a good reaction, it would make all this stressin' and fussin' worth while.

i'm getting laid off in a month (april 12th will be my last day). right in the middle of exam time. thanks guys, thats just swell.

everyones bitchy.

i forgot to change my shirt before i came to work, i look like such an artist.

i'm looking forward to summer. hopefully my move works out.

i'm also looking forward to summer time photoshoots.

i am also looking forward to jodi moving here. skateboarding and jam sessions? hells yeah. our ratties can have tea parties.

i have a mad crush on a good friend, we all know how messy that can be.

current mood: contemplative
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Monday, March 3rd, 2008
12:35 pm
i'd really like to start writing in here more often, i know i always say it, but i really do mean it.
i've been kind of weird lately, just really spaced out. i've been doing a lot of staring at nothing and not talking to anyone.
i've been doing hourly comics lately, i think i will post them when i get the chance. i've been doing a lot of art in general lately.. i should probably share it, i'm not going to get anywhere if i keep hiding it.

i keep thinking about people who i'm sure don't miss me at all.
i can't wait to get off work so i can go home and write pathetic songs. <3

i'd grown to love wearing scarves.
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Friday, December 14th, 2007
2:34 pm
blah blah blah, today has been the shits. i feel like a ghost.

i want to meet a nice boy who enjoys art and music, and will sing me songs he wrote because he values my opinion on them. and we can drink tea and actually talk, not just stare at a television screen or get drunk whenever we hang out.

i want to meet someone who is genuinely interested in me, and not just what i can do for them. and i'd like the happiness to last more then a couple of days.
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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
10:07 pm
I keep taking nudes of myself because I'm a weird artist like that.
I took this today and I thought I'd it with you because its pretty sweet.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
8:31 pm - Oh no, it's her again.
Hello children,

I haven't written in here in like for ever.. almost a whole year, yikes.

Let's see whats new.. I have two more tattoos.. along with my Gibson on my forearm I have a giant virgin mary on my arm, which is my pride and joy.. i had a good summer of little old ladies at the super market gushing over it. I also just recently got a scorpion lady on my calve as a souvenior for my trip to Chicago (which was on Halloween of this year).

I'm now single, have been since about august. That was a wild ride. And I'm now almost half way done my 3rd year of art school.

Donny is back in montreal, and I'm now settled into a nice one bedroom appartment downtown. It's nice, come over sometime, everyone does.

I've been hanging out with Kayla a lot lately, she was an awesome friend through the whole break up which is super cool of her since we never really talked much since we met years ago. There was a lot of getting drunk and wondering the village scooping for boys to fill the void.

I've been going on my fair share of dates, but I'm pretty bad at it. I've conditioned myself to believe that boys don't want to hear about your feelings and apparently thats now holding me back. I was seeing this one guy for almost a month and kept putting off asking him where it was going only to have him suddenly get a girlfriend. It's ok though, I found out he was doing coke.

I was really happy at the beginning of the week because I thought things were going incredibly well with a boy I had been crushing on since the summer time. I'm not sure whats happened but I haven't really talked to him in like a week. What a bummer, I hope theres some sort of reasoning to it... I've known him since I was like 15 and it would suck to screw up a friendship over it.

I have a cat now, she's really cute. She is a Halloween cat, her name is Dahmer. She's my baby and she loves me and is pretty much a princess.

Today Kayla and I walked for hours in the snow and pretty much the out come of it was that she got some WoW cards for her boyfriend Chris and some scrubs for work, and I got a sweet blue, leopard print cardigan. Then we warmed up on her couch and watched Nanny McPhee and went for steaks at Montanas. I totally couldn't afford it but I think it was worth it. I haven't had red meat in ages.

I really want to sing in a band again, someone invite me to front your sweet band.

I think thats all for now,

Kara Von Cannibal

PS - Please feel free to indulge yourself in pictures under the cut.

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007
1:02 pm
wow, it's been a really long time since i've written in here.

firstly, my second year of university is OVER.
my drawing class i obviously aced..
my literature class definately could have been better. i'm probably getting a b- or something, but its my fault, i was lazy with my last couple of assignments.. the exam i think i did well on.. but i guess i will have to wait and see.
as for history.. i struggled through that class SO much, but i bet i'll be getting somewhere around a B at the end of it all anyhow. thanks to doing so well on my final paper (which is worth the same amount as the final exam) and sarah tutoring me like crazy for the exam totally helped. THANK YOU.

i've been trying to get back onto my "make kara a babe" schedule.. i struggled for the first couple weeks but for the last week or so i've been sticking to eating nothing but fruits and veggies and drinking water.. the worst thing ive been eating is rice, but i mean hey, it's fucking rice.
as for excersize, i'm not going to panic about it too much yet. i'll get back into it when i'm ready. i don't have a gym membership any more (nor can i afford it at the moment) so i need to depend on doing things on my own. unfortunately i can't really go jogging (i tried, i injured my ankle pretty badly) until i go by some proper running shoes.. which should be soon. my appartment is pretty lame for doing basic work outs in but i'm hoping that will change when i also go buy some weights and a yoga mat.
i went down two clothing sizes last summer (and went up at least half a size during the winter.. my clothes that i bought at the end of last summer are definately fitting tighter) and i would like to go down two more sizes this summer. after that.. i think i will really be happy with myself. i mean.. i'm tall.. and my boobs never get smaller when i lose weight.. so i don't wanna look like a freak right?

at the moment, donny and i have hit a rocky road. he's working now but we still fight too much, and there are some trust issues. he's gonna be staying at a friends house for a couple nights. i think the time apart will benefit us, even if it's only for a couple days.


current mood: blah
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Thursday, January 25th, 2007
2:53 pm
My Threadless.com Submission

I got accepted in this great contest! It will help me out ALOT if I win, so please click on the link above and vote!

current mood: anxious
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Sunday, December 31st, 2006
6:18 pm
Well, its New Years Eve and I decided to set up my new scanner so I could finally get into some comission work I've been putting off...
But it didn't come with a USB cable (and I apparently don't own one at all).
Kara is a sad panda.
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Monday, December 25th, 2006
12:52 pm
Last night was lovely, had a delicious dinner with my parents and someone how had so many beers that I lost count without acting like an idiot. We had some friends of the family over and played card games.
Alex and I got into a bit of a debate on how I'm stupid apparently for thinking I need school to get anywhere in life. And then Alex and Donny got stoned together after me repeatedly asking them not to.
So uhm, I guess maying it wasn't that lovely, I was pretty pissed. And it didn't help that I had to share a teeny tiny bed with Donny who is a very grumpy sleeper if he doesn't get to lay how he wants where he wants.

But Christmas breakfast was nice, and delicious. We opened some gifts as well...
So far I've received new pj's, underloos, socks, music/movies gift certificates, a big fuzzy leopard print blankie, a ring from hawaii, a hair appointment, a kurt cobain shirt (wtf?), and a fancy scanner/printer deal.

Apparently theres more, but some of it I'm not allowed to open until the 27th when we go see my gramma for christmas, and I may get more tonight at my uncles house.

Merry Christmas!
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